Sunday, 11 November 2012

Approaching the eight dozen and fourth!

This morning's video expressed my quandary about Mahala Yousafzai and home ed:

It speaks for itself, so just watch it.  Incidentally, there's a mistake in this video because it contains the brand name "Bench", and although i am a HUGE fan of Bench, i know it's unwise to put free advertising in YouTube videos (and i also worry about sweatshops).  This entry is about something else.

Tomorrow will see two videos.  One of them is being uploaded now but scheduled to appear at 12:30 am tomorrow, and the other will be uploaded tomorrow evening.  This is to avoid a spammy traffic jam of vids.  Presumably some of the videos are less than twenty-four hours apart though (i mean intentionally), so putting two maybe twenty-one hours apart on the same date here in Europe will be OK.  Come to think of it, that probably means i've sometimes posted videos twice in a day from an Australasian perspective.  Oops.

So:  the problem with the next two is that if i stick to one video a day, the hundredth video will happen on Sophie Gray's thirteenth birthday, and since i want to do a video around the idea of a hundredth upload and also one about Sophie, they would turn out to be on the same day.  I can avoid this by uploading two videos to appear tomorrow.

One other thing:  i've done the free sample for 'Here Be Dragons' but think the mermaid hair bit may be missing.

It's Sunday, so i won't go on.  That's it for now (and the Sabbath is a subject for a future video).