Friday, 2 November 2012

Defusing religious debate

I've got a number of things to say in this entry but i'll start with questions of religion.  Religion is and ought to be emotive, but it should be possible for someone to step back from it and decide what it is.  One thing which bothers me about the conflict, apart from it being a waste of energy, is that people don't even agree on what a religion is.  Atheism, for example, is not a religion.  Even if it were a set of beliefs, atheism still wouldn't count as a religion because it would lack rituals and other aspects of religion.  There is way too much emphasis on belief when religion is talked about.  Here's the video:

There are other things going on apart from the religious stuff.  One is that i have temporarily removed 'You Could've Thought Of That' in order to prepare the second edition, which is aimed equally at adults and children.  This version will have a glossary, some ideas will be removed, the language will be clarified, there will be some illustrations and i will add forms at the back for the reader to add her own ideas.  There will also be a new cover.

Meanwhile, i have a few plans for the Other Channel.  I will put hypnosis scripts accompanied by slideshows there, along with a plug for the print version of the book and an exhortation, which will doubtless be ignored, to subscribe to the channel i actually want to work as opposed to the one which is 'phoned in but works anyway.  I will also ask for suggestions.