Monday, 12 November 2012

How to look a complete idiot on YouTube

Thumbnail speaks for itself, i think.  A disclaimer:  learning difficulties are not character flaws and i'm dubious about how useful the very concept of intelligence is, but i reserve the right to insult myself the way i see fit.

I'm not particularly focussed on the idea of credibility or getting respected.  I'm not sure why.  This happens to be the eight dozen and fourth video uploaded that's still on that channel, which is the key to its rather fluorescent tone.  In a way, it's a companion to this earlier video:

The change in quality is quite gratifying. However, it's a bit different as well.  Someone recently remarked that my fixation on the duodecimal system "makes you look like an idiot".  Perhaps, but it's an odd feature of my personality to focus on when i tend to dress like a Belisha Beacon:

Actually, more colourful than that.  Anyway, on the whole i think people may look at me a bit oddly if i'm having a conversation with them and start counting using separate fingerbones rather than ticking things off on my fingertips, but in the street, they're more likely to think i look an idiot because of the fact that i sometimes seem to be trying to burn holes in their retinas and treat gender differences in dress as irrelevant details.  There is a wide choice of other features of my personality which could be selected, such as my reluctance to use a capital letter for the nominative of "me", but no!  Apparently, it's just my adherence to the duodecimal system which makes me look like an idiot.  Personally i think this would be drowned out by the blizzard of weirdness and ridiculousness, but maybe not.  I mean, who am I to judge?

There are a few other things going on in this video apart from exhibitionism, lack of self-awareness or whatever this is.  One of them is the free sample of 'Here Be Dragons' as an ebook, and of course the discerning cognoscenti may notice a similarity between this and another video, but i doubt anyone other than me will ever see both.  Sorry for the cryptic comment.

So that's the traffic jam out of the way.  Tomorrow's offering, as announced at the end of this one, will concern Sophie Gray.  If you haven't met her yet, keep watching.