Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pseudocyesis aeterna

Pseudocyesis is phantom pregnancy.  It occurs in dogs a fair amount and also in humans.  In a way, this belongs somewhere else, but i'm sticking it here.

Today's video:

is not about what would presumably happen if a phantom pregnancy resulted in a phantom baby who then grew up and became a teenager, which is how far we've got with this situation.  So then, Sophie Ure Gray, born 13th November, 1999, whose Facebook page is here:


and who looks like these pictures:

is a happy, healthy child who of course does not attend school like the other two, but she is remarkable for a further feature not true of either of them:  she is uninstantiated - does not have a corresponding example in the physical world.  I have also suggested to my son that he is my favourite son because of my infinite number of imaginary sons, each of which is slightly less perfect than the one before, but all of which are less perfect than he is, because they too share Sophie's non-instantiation.

One serious point which arises from this set of circumstances is that, as i mentioned before, i already suspected i knew Daniel's name in about 1977, twenty years before his birth.  By this i mean that whereas one may be physicalist, dualist, idealist or have some other position about the mind-body problem, one thing that's clear is that a person's identity and role is not necessarily directly connected to their physical being or even their "unextended conscious" non-physical being, but is something else existing in an abstract realm.  This is something which causes me to reject realism rather strongly.

So:  tomorrow i do a subscriber drive and a giveaway.  My subscriber number is stubbornly nailed at just over three dozen and i need to push it up.  The other channel has almost ten dozen subscribers.  Something about the essence of the other channel's success needs to be distilled and transfused.  Tomorrow i will attempt to do something like that.