Wednesday, 21 November 2012

On Having No TV

We no longer have a telly in the legal sense, although in other ways we have two television sets, neither of whom could now be used to pick up television broadcasts as they are, er, broadcast.  To this end:

In order not to repeat the exact content of the above, i want to share my idea of how to overcome the iPlayer problem - watching BBC TV live in the UK on the internet is illegal without a licence and the iPlayer is blocked outside Britain (except presumably for bits of Ulster).  To me, it seems that the solution to this is to do pay-per-view - get people outside Britain to pay for access to the iPlayer and live streaming altogether and have people within Britain register a payment method which is deducted pro rata as they watch, then give them a discount on their next TV licence.  If it costs £145 a year, which i think is roughly right, charge them 2p an hour, which makes it slightly more expensive than the licence fee.  If they go over, which is a LOT of telly but maybe they have it on all the time for company or something, give them a discount on BBC merchandise as well.  That way, very few people end up watching TV illegally and the BBC gets an extra revenue source from outside the country.  Any thoughts?

Thanks Vanilla Rose for the idea, by the way.