Sunday, 4 November 2012

On having a life

Due to the rather disturbing nature of the content on the Other Channel, i hint at it rather than say outright what's on it, although i also always say that i have "left the door ajar".  The reason i do this is that i feel there's something people ought to know about me but i am also addicted to confession and don't want to encourage that, and also there are things you don't bring up in polite conversation.  These things are, however, very popular among a tiny minority of people and i don't want to make it a big secret, so i place them discreetly on show elsewhere so that if anyone really, really wants to, they can find out about them.  One of the places i do that is on the other YouTube channel.  Annoyingly, that channel has 116 subscribers and, as of 4:32 pm today, 414 727 views.  Even the brief video giving a few bits of news i uploaded yesterday morning now has almost a hundred views after only a day.  I haven't put much effort into that channel at all, and i find this quite annoying.

Therefore, in an attempt to get more subscribers and views, i made the aforementioned video, which among other news about the hypnosis scripts, ebook and printed book, mentions my moribund channel which is safe for public consumption.  In order to provide something worthwhile to watch on the safe side, i made this as an introduction to myself:

Once again, YouTube's algorithm for finding the most boring possible thumbnail has triumphed!

This video also serves as an introduction to us and all who sail in her.  Unfortunately, my daughter was out and my son had yet to rise and shine, so it's not as densely populated as the house might normally be.

Tomorrow's video will probably either be an interview with a home-educated teen or an introduction to the Greek alphabet.