Wednesday, 14 November 2012

On the scrounge

This is a bit blatant.  Also, the bit at the start won't make any sense unless you watch it on YouTube.  After the other day's giveaway directing people to FB, this is a shameless attempt to get more subscribers.  As i'll say in tomorrow's video, i'm endlessly mystified by the success of the other channel compared to this one.  I'm giving away samples of 'You Could've Thought Of That' and doing a sub 4 sub as well as asking people to share.  However, i don't want empty subscriptions but people who watch the videos and like them, and are prepared to criticise constructively.  Other people won't be interested in the giveaway anyway, so their only benefit would be to get a sub, which would be good for them and for me but not if it was ephemeral and both they and i were still lost in the crowd, just a crowd of subscribed YouTubers who are never watched.

Anyway, the free ebooks are:

About a tenth of 'You Could've Thought Of That' in ebook form, and:

similarly, a free sample of 'Here Be Dragons', which i'm beginning to suspect will never see the light of day due to its dearth of illustrations.  I'm not blaming anyone for this, but i do see it as a sign that one should try to pursue projects without help because of the difficulty of interacting with people.  I can say that here with confidence of not annoying anyone because i know hardly anyone reads this.

In that vein, tomorrow's video will be about the Other Channel.  Friday's will be on the I-Thou relationship and then this current phase of navel-gazing will finally be at an end.