Monday, 19 November 2012

I-Thou again

I have finally released the video that scared me into the wild.  Here it is:

I don't think "parasitic" videos are a good idea, and not for the first time, i'm sort of leeching off Mr McDonnell's fame here.  However, on this occasion i was so inspired by something he said, which was that vlogging is a way two people can connect with each other on a very direct and intimate level.  This reminded me of the I-Thou relationship and Levinas's ethics of the face, so the above is a rather inept go at intimate vlogging.  Clearly it takes genius to do it as well as he does, which is weird because it sets him up on a pedestal because of not being set up on a pedestal, and that reminds me of Jesus.  Of course, as a Christian everyone should remind me of Jesus.

I've been rather uncertain and embarrassed about this video.  As you may have noticed, it's changed its name several times in the last few days.  It was initially called "Oi, Thou", then went through a phase of being called "On The Great Internet Content Creator Existential Crisis Of 2012", which is McDonnell's own title (yep, surname terms there - i would of course still call him "Sie" if i met him and talked to him in person in German, but it's weird because i also feel fatherly towards him - he rarely mentions his father for some reason, compared to his mother), and i've now finally decided to call it "Charlie McDonnell is Jesus", because in a sense, like everyone else, he is in fact Jesus, or rather, we should treat everyone as Jesus, which means relating to them in a face-to-face manner like he does.  I hope that wouldn't totally freak him out because he's an atheist, but then we don't actually know that Jesus was not in fact just an extremely tactful atheist, though of course I believe he wasn't - I believe he believed in himself!  Which is the point.

The ongoing conundrum of the Other Channel continues.  Here's yesterday's video from this channel:

Thus far, this has had eleven views and it's been online for a day and a half.  Meanwhile, back on the Other Channel, i posted another video, whereof a piece is hereby uploaded:

It's less than twenty hours old and has had seventy-two views.  WTF?

This will probably eventually lead to me doing animations, and on that subject, please take a look at and consider subscribing to Laurasdiversion's new channel.  I particularly like this video:

It's made me think that if i maybe stick to eight frames a second and use cels extensively, i could do something similar.