Sunday, 4 November 2012

"I never read books, they're just Latin and Greek"

Sorry, another lyric-based title.

This video:

is of course about Latin and in Latin.  The reason for the wooden delivery, and particularly the horribly poorly acted second-to-last line, is mainly that it's being read.  I'm also sure the quality of the language is quite poor, being ungrammatical and poorly pronounced.  Having said that, this and its twin on the other channel have been deliberately made at low-quality to save upload time.  I was experimenting with a new format which reduced vertical resolution to 480 pixels and audio sampling to 44.1 kHz.  The lighting is also horrible in this one - it's from a non-"solar" compact fluorescent tube.  There have long been problems with videos made in the living room due to the low lighting conditions, which interestingly are not noticeable to the naked eye.  A TV documentary crew once removed the light bulb while filming without telling me, so it has a track record of association with videographic problematicism.

Yesterday's video on the Other Channel may have been disappointing to viewers there.  It was a round-up of news about the ebook, its print version (nowt so queer as folk), the hypnosis script slideshow plans and also the main channel.  I always feel i'm pushing things too hard and coming across as desperate when i promote something and that will naturally communicate itself in the tone of the video in a manner which seems beyond my control.  However, i did publicise the main channel and ask people to take a look at it and consider subscribing.

It's a matter of some concern that the first video the people coming over from the other channel were confronted with, unless they simply followed the links to individual vids likely to appeal to them, would've been that poorly lit subtitled offering in a foreign language.  Therefore, today's plan is to make a livelier video about "having a life", which is in fact imminent.