Friday, 23 November 2012

Following that

Here are two of today's three videos:

Christianity and Yoga


This one is left as an exercise to the viewer.  The other one is "Liz's Limericks" and is still uploading.  So we're in another video jam.

I am currently wondering how to follow the "Five Minute Monday" video.  Whereas i'm not particularly thinking there's a problem with what i've done since, it had an originality to its production which i'd like to continue.  I have various things in mind - well, one - and a whole load of probably much more boring ones about peanuts and leeks or whatever.  As usual, i'm not short of ideas but have little perception of how well-received they'd be.

Other stuff going on:  i finally wrote my response to the Welsh ELE consultation, which was a bit stroppy, and there is now only a week to go until 'Here Be Dragons' comes out.  Since i still haven't had any illustrations, i am frantically going through the thing inserting public domain ones.  It's not looking good.  However, it did occur to me to do a "first edition", followed by a proper one, so i'll probably do that.  I can't currently put it on either (where other things are going well incidentally, which is why), so i'm currently looking at cafepress.